Growing up, I loved reading the Harry Potter books.  Every summer, I'd go to Barnes and Nobel's midnight launch party to get my hands on the next book.  I'd read late at night when all my family members were sleeping and I'd read the books over and over again to uncover tiny details that I missed the first time.  J.K. Rowling designed this amazing fantasy world that sparked my love for reading and imagination.  As a designer, I aspire to create amazing products that add an element of joy to peoples' lives.        


This is the most exciting time to be a designer because there are so many possibilities for technology to cultivate positive change and human kindness.  I'm very interested in solving social problems around education and healthcare because they are fundamental to our happiness yet slow to change.


As a hardworking and curious designer, I believe every problem has a unique solution.  Depending on the problem, I typically begin with research to seek a fundamental understanding of user pain points and business needs before creating hypotheses, validating assumptions and ideating solutions.


In my free time when I'm not designing, I'm swimming on my Master's swim team, exploring new hiking trails and/or obsessing over my adorable baby nephew. 

I'm open for coffee, especially matcha lattes if you'd like to collaborate together! Feel free to contact me

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