A digital application registration process remedies a paper trail headache and restores time for creative lesson planning.


UX and Visual Design


May 2017


Techbridge Girls inspires girls from low-income communities to discover a passion for STEM through their afterschool and professional development programs.


My staff spends over 50% of their time entering data manually. They ought to spend the majority of their time designing creative lesson plans.” - TBG CEO


Techbridge Girls' paper registration process was cumbersome.  95% of parents completed paper forms and students submitted their personal statement on paper. 


This caused frustration for staff members because they manually entered the data to Salesforce.  Also, incomplete forms were often lost, causing application delays. 



Early sketches of new UX flow

I started with sketching to map out the ideal user flow. Since the original web application form was one long section, I decided to break it up into five steps so users can easily navigate the application.   



Instructions Page

Before parents begin the application, they will see this page to anticipate the length of the process. 

Part I | Step One

This UI breaks up the form into five easy steps, setting a manageable process for parents.  

This iOS site menu pops up when

the bottom section is tapped on.

Part I | Step Five

This section of the form is synced with DocuSign. The student and parent can tap on their section and sign with DocuSign. 

At any step, parents may save their form to complete later. Clicking this button generates a link of the saved form that is texted to them.  

Part I | Completion

When the parent is finished with part I, they can share a link with their child so they can write their personal statements of interest. 

Sharing Link via Text

Students can easily access their portion of the application via text.

Student Portion: Part II

Students are greeted with a message

before they write their statements of interest.


A mobile-friendly registration form that’s easy to fill out

and saves the data in a link for later completion.  


  • Conduct usability testing with parents and students to optimize the user flow. 

  • Offer the application in Chinese, Spanish and Vietnamese

  • Test if students prefer to write their statements of interest via mobile or desktop. 


I am very passionate about promoting women in tech and this hackathon was a great chance for me to apply my skills towards this mission. 


Also as my first hackathon challenge, I am thankful I worked closely with my developer teammates and gained a deeper appreciation for the technical challenges of API integrations.    


I'm open for coffee, especially matcha lattes if you'd like to collaborate together! Feel free to contact me

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