Bay Alarm Medical


With a push of a button, Bay Alarm Medical’s trained 24/7  operators contact family, neighbors, and emergency services.  Our challenge is to improve BAM’s communication services with a digital solution.

Bay Alarm Medical ​

My Role​

UX / UI Designer

Client Name


2 weeks, February 2017​

My Team

Dori and Urvi 

The Solution
The Problem 

Users are reluctant to use BAM’s product and services because:


1.  There are too many device parts, which gets confusing to use


2. There is a limited range of use


3.  The wearables are unattractive

4.  Only used for medical emergencies

5.  There is no exchange of basic health data 

Our solution addresses these problems by: 


1. Providing one centralized device


2. Expanding the range of use


3. Designing a beautiful wearable


4. Offering alternative solutions


5. Offering basic health data  

Our Approach

First we conducted competitive research and comparative research. 

Competitive Research​ HERE
Comparative Research​

Through comparative research, we researched FiLip, Apple and Google calendars.  FiLip is an app that parents use to track their children using GPS.  We believe that incorporating a GPS catered to our users can reduce their anxiety during an emergency.


Apple and Google calendars offer a good feature for individuals to organize their daily schedules.  We want to enhance this feature by allowing users to program notifications directly into the wearable from the app.  This way, the wearable can push out notifications and remind users to complete their daily routines.  

User Research

Then we collected user research from:


50 survey responses


12 in-person interviews

24 online reviews  

We synthesized our user research through affinity mapping and found that

our users want to be happy, safe, independent, comfortable and taken care of.

Affinity Mapping​
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The Problem 

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