My Personal Projects

I've challenged myself to complete 100 Daily UI challenges. 

100 Daily UI - Music Player

I deliberately placed the play button in the bottom center of the screen. Users can easily rewind 15 seconds, pause or skip to the next song. 


Also, shout out to Lorde for producing another awesome album!

100 Daily UI - Workout App

A new year welcomes new resolution goals for a healthy and fit lifestyle.


I thought it would be a pretty cool idea to become fitness buddies with your friends and challenge one another to meet each other's fitness goals in a fun and motivating way.



100 Daily UI - Landing Page

As Urbanrake's Product Design 

consultant, I helped them optimize their landing page by being more intentional about their product's message

and goal.


100 Daily UI - Logo

The lotus symbolizes purity of the mind and body. This is a playful and elegant logo that could be used for a florist company or

yoga studio. 


It was really fun playing around with pretty gradients and negative space.



I'm open for coffee, especially matcha lattes if you'd like to collaborate together! Feel free to contact me

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