Case Study - 2020

Feature Versioning App


The Design Process

Before -- With over 15 different colors, users had to learn what each met. Even though this excel sheet served the team for many years, it was not scalable, getting harder to manage as the demand for IMAX films increased.
The journey map and the personas illustrated the unsatisfactory experience of users. During their busiest month of December 2018, users worked overtime to release 14 titles which was an indicator of how the current process wasn’t made for this volume of demand.

Exploration & Iteration

  • Image on the left:
  • Image in the middle:
  • This flow was starting to make more sense with the information architecture defining sections for Templates, Titles and Versions.
  • Image on the right:
  • Didn’t make sense to have the templates page in the Versions list. We didn’t want to crowd too many features in the Versions list.
The Strongest Wins

Up Next